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Doerthe is of German origin, arrived in 2007 in Geneva, she fell in love - not only her husband but also the future of the country, population and mountains. Soon after, she also found her true professional ambition accompanied by the birth of his son - what luck! Its slightly perfectionist lifestyle (German? :) And passion for all that is done "home" to help organize this diversity not only between family and career but especially to love.

Label everything you like - this is the motto of Doerthe and Chris, the Swiss-German couple who takes care of the back labels. Older than thirty years, so it's perfectly normal that their environment is filled with more and more friends with children

Its pillar? A husband who takes care of the technical and a team of women who are delighted when the little prince of the Boss (and the faithful dog!) Make their visit from time to time. An international team that supports the idea of StickerKid with poignant passion for their work, and that is committed to always make them even more convenient products, more and more unique design for moms and their children.

since 2004 300.000 happy parents

We can proudly say that over 200,000 satisfied customers are among our parent. Over the last decade, we have more agreeable our products and our service. The team has the honor to tell you that millions of labels were printed during this period./p>

Our pride is when you, parents, we recommend because you are convinced of the quality and durability of our products. This makes us very proud when children and parents that tell all

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